I am writing to recommend Derek McCloud and his band to you. I have spent 8 years as a youth pastor and 4 years as a venue manager for a youth outreach center. During my years of ministry I have worked with many, many musicians. Including such prominent musicians such as John Schlitt, Seth Condrey, Tenth Avenue North, Will Reagan, and United Pursuit. I have worked with Derek and his band on multiple occasions and in various environments. I can say with full confidence that Derek McCloud and his fellow band mates are equally as gifted as the acts previously mentioned. I can also say I have collaborated with few musicians who are as humble and easy to work with as this group. They are on-time, prepared, and flexible in any situation. In the event of sound or equipment problems, or issues working with difficult personalities, they have responded with peace and patience. “Christ-Centered” is not a cliché they use for access to the contemporary Christian music industry; it is their heart and motivation. Thank you for taking the time to consider this group for your ministry or venue. I believe you will be more than pleased with the effort and ministry of these fine musicians.
— Travis Drummond (Youth Pastor of Dayspring Church)
Through prophetic minstrels, the Lord opens hearts in the Body of Christ, for what is coming and what He is about to do. Today’s most effective groups in the ministry of music are those who combine raw talent with prophetic anointing to bring glory to the Lamb of God and a focus on Him, and not men. This anointing only comes to the musicians through a pure heart and a faithful commitment to Christ, a commitment that is forged from a daily intimate relationship with Jesus. Such a group is Our Great Lifeboat. I have known Derek McCloud and many of his band members for some years now, and I can say that this group has that anointing and touches the hearts of people across intergenerational, interracial and interdenominational lines. Their motivation is born out of a love for their Lord and Savior, and is anointed by the Holy Spirit. This band brings the fresh wind and the cool waters of the Holy Spirit to a dry and thirsty land. Our Great Lifeboat gives me hope for a Great Awakening of our nation and fills me with an expectancy of the rising up of worship warriors who will do great destruction to the kingdom of darkness and will bring back desire and reverence for Jesus, the Name that is above every name.
— Charlie Walker (Founder of First Love Ministries, Inc.)